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LANTRA: 12c Traffic Management General Operative Training / Assessment

NHSS 12C Operative trainee category allows you to work on motorways and high-speed dual carriageways as an advance sign carrying vehicle driver under a qualified 12C Supervisor as part of a mobile closure crew. To attend this course, learners must be registered with LANTRA as a NHSS 12C Operative, with/without/ with or without hard shoulders’ skilled worker category (where both the 12C Operative course and 12C Operative Logbook have been completed and registered accordingly0 as a minimum, unless they are 12C Planning officer Non-Supervisors.

Those who wish to become 12C Planning Officer Non-supervisors can complete this course only if they have a valid TTMBC as a minimum, but if they have completed TTMBC and 12C Supervisor training, the 12c Planning Officer Non-Supervisor category is the only skill they can apply for.

Training details: - 1 day Classroom based, no refresher training currently available.


Full 12C Operative status can be gained by completing the 12C Op course plus a minimum of 3 Practical assessments are required. These must be completed within a 2-year period starting from the date of the first assessment. The registration as a NHSS12C operative will only become effective if both the 12C Operative logbook of assessments have been completed AND the one-day 12C Operative course certificate/ skill is valid. Once qualified as a 12CMLC Operative, 12C Supervisor training is available.

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